Finally, I wrote a book about my life and how my animals helped me
during times of stress.

The book is 
"Ellevie"(pron. L V)

I wrote the book because I felt I had no voice and I needed to tell others about my life story.
I had an important message to tell but no one had the time to hear. 

For a while I really thought I was invisible.  But my dogs could hear me.  The cats heard me. 

With my book I want to educate some and perhaps
inspire others.


Author:  Marcelle Guy
Co-Author:  G S  Payne

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book stores.

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July 4th

Candy, the last of my feral cat project.
Candy died in 2012, at approximately 18 years old.
LoveWelcome to Petaluma Feral Cat SiteLoveJuly 4th

"Born Feral"
Why I care
by Marcelle Guy
June 30, 2010

Born feral

They say if you don't succeed the first time - try and try again . . . 

"Born Feral" is my try and try again and again and again - project.  When this project began, I had no idea that this would take me to the steps of Petaluma City Hall.  It became an issue so important that the mayor of Petaluma, Mayor Pamela Torliatt, most members of city council, City Manager John Brown, and Petaluma Police Department (present) Chief Dan Fish, and Lieutenant Mike Cook (the department has jurisdiction over the animal shelter) met with me, often at my home, to speak about - feral cats.

It all began more than twenty years ago when I came upon a colony of feral cats and I began to care for them.   Unfortunately, the  cats were shot one weekend for population control.  Approximately thirty cats were shot that one weekend. 

It was a very traumatic experience.  I began looking for justice for these cats but I could not find anyone who cared.  Our local media did not want to publish it.  Legal and animal agencies did not want to investigate, and I,  I could not leave it alone.   I tried everything until I had nowhere to turn any longer. 

In my journal I wrote about the little tabby and how she came to my door - critically wounded - three days after being shot.  I wanted justice for her and for the other cats.  I promised to her.  (You can read the little tabby story here.)

One day, my niece from South Africa introduced me to the Internet.  In my mind, I could see the dream come true.   I will tell the story of the little tabby and people will care.  They will understand. 

I went to junior college to learn about this World Wide Web and how to use it.  I learned to design web pages.  This new power fascinated me and I could see the potentials of the Internet. 

In 1995 the Little Tabby's story went on the Internet for the first time and e-mails began to pour in.  Hundreds and finally thousands of people from all over the world were crying for the Little Tabby.  The world heard.

But, Petaluma remained silent. 

In 2007 I learned that Petaluma had banned all homeless and feral cats from most areas of the city and they trapped and killed cats by the hundreds each year.  

Coincidently, a friend introduced me to Petaluma Community Access (PCA) the Petaluma television station around that time.  I will forever be grateful to my friend, Diane, PCA Director, John Bertucci  and the staff at PCA.  Helder Rodriguez taught me the basic of Final Cut Pro video editing and my first video, "A Little Tabby speaks for the feral cats of the world," began showing on our local television and went on to win the Western States Region 2008 W.A.V.E Award. 

Finally, in 2008 Petaluma City Council decided to review our laws concerning homeless and feral cats.  Then,  the media became interested in the politics of feral cats, if for no other reason than to criticize city councils for wasting time on cats. 

In Sonoma County and particularly in Petaluma, it is extremely difficult to change what's been instilled in people's mind for generation after generation.  Animals are still commodities.   At one of our meetings, Mayor Torliatt revealed that her grandmother had feral cats on her property.   I did not ask how she controlled the population.  If we were to kill dogs like we kill cats . . .  They are such innocent creatures.  Spay/neuter can control overpopulation and only human can provide that.

In October 2009 Petaluma City Council signed in a new feral/homeless cat ordinance.  Feeding outdoor cats in most area of the city is still illegal.  Cats are still considered a nuisance.  There were some changes but not very significant.  Only one person on the council voted against this inhumane ordinance.  Council member Mike Harris, thank you so much.  I know I will remember at election time.

My second video, "Born Feral" won the Western States Region 2009 W.A.V.E. Award and my hope  is for "Born Feral" to play all over the country to help homeless and feral cats all over.  Then, I think my promise to the Little Tabby will be realized.

I must say that I have done everything humanely possible to help homeless and feral cats and to bring their plight to the people of Petaluma.  I am very sorry to have failed.  My heart cries out for these innocent animals that this society ignored. 

A very small group in Sonoma County became involved at changing Petaluma's ordinance and we were all very disappointed with this city council.  Many people all around the country wrote letters to Petaluma City Council asking for a humane ordinance.  That did not work either. 

I believe the City of Petaluma is a city out of control with many issues detrimental to its citizens.  We need drastic changes in our city government.

The feral cat ordinance is only one of many issues this city is stuck with because of this council's bad decisions and long term effect for these bad decisions hurts Petaluma economy and reputation

Something we were able to change in Petaluma:  Sonoma Marin Fair now have a vererinarian on duty and they no longer accept sick dogs in competition for the World Ugliest Dog Contest.   See the 2008 Ugliest dog contest

Petaluma animal shelter manager resigned.   See here

Although Petaluma has been unsympathetic to the suffering of homeless and feral cats, the rest of the world responded to the Little Tabby's story and because of it thousands more cats have a better life today.  For that I am very thankful.

I want to thank everyone who became involved and protested the inhumane ordinance in Petaluma.  I cannot thank everyone by name for worry of forgetting someone but a friend who has been there since 2007 and never gave up, Diane Reilly Torres, a very special thank to you.  Also, San Francisco Attorney
and specialist in animal laws, Christine Garcia who spoke so eloquently to our city council before they passed the ordinance.  Thank you Christine and I apologize for Petaluma.  And my sincere thanks to Santa Rosa  Attorney, Julie Roseman who also attended the council meeting and spoke passionately about the injustice to Petaluma animals. 

to Director of Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County, Jennifer Kirchner, and the staff at Forgotten Felines, my sincere thanks to you all.  Special thanks to Jennifer for your courageous decision to try and help Petaluma feral cats - to be turned down one more time.   Again, I apologize for Petaluma. 

"Born Feral"  is all about Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County and the wonderful work they do.  It is now available to the public:  Born Feral
This web site will go blank one day when my subscription becomes due.  I will not renew it, but you can always find me on the Internet and if we have anything new about the Petaluma feral cats, I will let you know.  

October 2011 Update:

Looking back at Petaluma and the changes during the past few years, I think the most significant change for animals was when the animal shelter manager resigned.  This past year we have seen many improvements at the shelter under the new management.  It is refreshing to know that Forgotten Felines is finally a welcome addition and working with the animal shelter to improve the lives of our feral population.

Also important to mention is that City of Petaluma residents were unhappy with the former City Council majority and we have shown our disappointments by voting accordingly.    The majority of the previous council is no longer, but how significant is that for our animals is not clear at this writing. 

Update 2013:

We have come a long way Petaluma:  Petaluma Animal Services is a non-profit organization that is now in charge of our animals in Petaluma.  Executive Director Jeff Chandler has turned the management around to a point where we are almost a no-kill shelter. 

Did I say that I believe in miracles? 

The mayor of Petaluma, Dave Glass, now produces a monthly television show promoting pet adoption. 

Sonoma Marin Fair continues to have a veterinarian on duty to screen the health of dogs that participate in the "Ugliest Dog Contest."  In 2008, the winner of the contest was Gus, a small dog dying from cancer.   He had lost one leg to cancer and one eye to an attack.  The owner told an interviewer that she was afraid the dog would not live long enough to make it to the contest.   After we protested they began having a veterinarian on duty each year to examine the dogs and look for health issues before being entered into the contest.

Never underestimate the power of the people.

I believe in miracles . . . 
Candy  Candy  Candy  Candy
Candy was born feral and these are different stages of her life.

On the left is Candy before being trapped.
She is the last of my feral cat project that began in 1988.  
She was a beautiful, gentle and very sweet creature with such a unique character. 
She was approximately 18 when she died in  2012.
She is dearly missed.


Finally, I wrote a book about my life and how my animals helped me
during time of stress.

The book is   "Ellevie"   (pronounce: L V)

I wrote the book because I felt I had no voice and I needed to tell others about my life story. 
I had an important message to tell but no one had the time to hear.  For a while I really thought I was invisible. 
But my dogs could hear me.  The cats heard me. 
With my book I want to educate some and perhaps
inspire others.


Author:  Marcelle Guy
Co-Author:  G S  Payne

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book stores.

Prologue HERE

Cat Rights
A Little TabbyBy the  San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals A Little Tabby
Printed here with permission

The growing popularity of cats as housepets has gone hand-in-hand with increased efforts to legislate, regulate,
and even eradicate these animals from our midst. In light of this growing threat to cats' lives and welfare, we feel
obligated to come forward and offer our perspective. The Cat Rights listed below represent the basic principles
that have guided our efforts on behalf of cats. We hope everyone will listen to all sides, participate in the debate,
and reach their own conclusions. The fate of millions of cats depends on it.

     1. The Right to be recognized as a unique and important species.

     2. The Right to have their individual lives cherished and protected.

     3. The Right to be free from cruelty and abuse.

     4. The Right to receive aid and comfort, including food, water, shelter, and medical care.

     5. The Right to a fair share of public resources for the care and treatment of companion animals.

     6. The Right to be treated as equal members of the animal kingdom.

     7. The Right to be represented accurately and humanely by those who speak on their behalf.

     For a more detailed discussion of each of these rights, please call The SF/SPCA Ethical Studies Department at
     (415) 554-3052, or e-mail us at "", and we'll gladly mail you a copy.



A Chosen Child

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W.A.V.E. Award Winner

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Author:   Marcelle Guy
Co-Author:  G S Payne

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