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Petaluma Animal Shelter Manager Nancy Tavares Resigned

I think it was a serious mistake for the City of Petaluma to employ Nancy Tavares to care for our animals - an opinion shared by many Petaluma residents. 
  • A feral cat ordinance written by animal shelter manager Nancy Tavares and Petaluma wetlands docents was presented to city council with misleading information and council passed a very bad ordinance in 2004.  Since then cats have been trapped and killed by the hundreds each year.  The same ordinance also punishes feral cat caregivers who were forced to abandon their colonies out of fear.  Nancy Tavares has an obvious disdain of feral cats and she should never be in charge of animals.  She has spoken publicly several times against feral cats and why she thought they should be trapped and killed.  After the 2004 city ordinance the shelter was responsible for killing almost 600 cats a year.
  • Petaluma Animal Shelter accepted two seven-year-old pure bred German shepherds last July, 07.  The dogs had never been separated their entire lives and they were also caged together at the shelter.  Yoyo, the male dog, was very dependant on his mate Wicket and he showed severe anxiety when separated.  Shelter manager Nancee Tavares adopted Yoyo and took him home leaving Wicket alone.  Ms. Tavares euthanized Yoyo soon after she adopted him and the reason she euthanized Yoyo was due to "separation anxiety," she said.  Nancee mentioned no other medical reason.  (I have this conversation on video tape and on a recorder).  Petaluma Animal Shelter did not contact the breed rescue in an attempt to save these dogs' lives.   

A starting point to making Petaluma an animal friendly city:
Animal shelter employees need to take courses in humane treatment of animals and if unwilling to conform, they should be terminated.   Animal Shelter employees need to set an example for the rest of the population by promoting TNR for homeless and feral cats, educating the public about spay and neuter their pets, teaching respect for all  animals.


People Making a Difference

Since the departure of the animal shelter management as mentioned above, new management has changed policies at the Petaluma Animals Shelter and our animals have a better chance to a good life. 

Finally, I wrote a book about my life and how my animals helped me
during times of stress.

The book is 
"Ellevie"(pronounce: L V)

I wrote the book because I felt I had no voice and
I needed to tell others about my life story.
I had an important message to tell but no one had the time to hear. 

For a while I really thought I was invisible.  But my dogs could hear me. 
The cats heard me. 

With my book I want to educate some and perhaps
inspire others.


Author:  Marcelle Guy
Co-Author:  G S  Payne

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book stores.

Prologue:  HERE



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Look for the book
available June  2014

Love "Ellevie"

Author:  Marcelle Guy
Co-Author:  G S  Payne

Read the
Prologue HERE

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