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After Several Complaints
Petaluma Sonoma/Marin Fair Management Change their Policy

Each year Petaluma Sonoma Marin Fair proudly exhibits an "Ugliest Dog Contest" at the Petaluma Fairgrounds, a property owned by the City of Petaluma.  This year's winner (2008) is a dismembered little dog missing one leg to cancer and one eye to an attack.  The audience laughed at the ravaged little body and screamed its disgust at the very sick animal and proclaimed it ugliest and the winner.  The little dog, probably sedated or too weak to react, slept on and off with  its tongue hanging out.  The owner told a reporter for a national television show that she was afraid Gus would not live long enough to make it to the show.  They came all the way from Florida to participate into this "famous" Petaluma show. . .    

One can imagine how a child, a war veteran or anyone missing a limb might feel about this public reaction to their own disability.  This has been going on for twenty years and is publicized nationwide leaving many Petaluma residents ashamed of this idiotic contest.

Outraged at Petaluma Fairgrounds management for allowing this very ill dog into the contest, people from all over send letters to our local newspapers and to fairgrounds management.

People Making a Difference

Petaluma Sonoma/Marin Fair Management hired a veterinarian to oversee the ugly dog contest and no longer accept sick dogs to participate in the contest.



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Author:  Marcelle Guy
Co-author:  G S  Payne

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